Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apple باعت 3 ملايين نسخه من الأيباد الجديد

الكثير منا سمع بالفعل عن مؤتمر أبل وبدأ بيعها للأيباد الجديد، ولكنهم لم يعرفوا بالفعل كم قد باعت شركة أبل منذ أن تم أطلاق الجهاز اللوحي يوم الجمعه الماضي ؟ حسنا أنه الأعلان الرسمي من أبل والتي صرّحت بأنها باعت 3 ملايين نسخه منه في زمن قياسي ومحطم للأرقام السابقه التي حققها الأيباد للنسخ القديمه ولقد وصفت أبل بأنه أقوى ماحققته في تاريخ مبيعات الأيباد وهو يستحق بالفعل ذلك.

Apple's Tim Cook says 'pipeline is full of stuff,' AT&T affirms record sales of new iPad: Apple's 'cash balance' conference call this morning was mostly uninteresting for folks not immediately involved with Wall Street (the actual thing and the Shia LaBeouf masterpiece, as it turns out), but CEO Tim Cook did let loose a few nuggets of interestingness for those
hoping for insight into the future. For one, he stated that Apple's pipeline is "full of stuff," further impressing upon the masses the message he planted at the tail-end of the new iPad keynote on March 7th. He also stated: "I think our customers will be incredibly pleased with what they see coming out." Hardly a surprise, but Apple rarely hands out confirmation of boom times unless it truly has something significant in the labs.

He also confirmed that Apple had "a record opening weekend" in regard to the new iPad launch, but stopped short of handing out actual figures. In fact, we could be talking about a record low -- we jest, we jest. At any rate, AT&T has stepped in to announce that on Friday, March 16th, the carrier "set a new single-day record for its iPad sales and activations." Again, no hard figures, but something tells us the number crunchers (and auditors) are hard at work to bring us precisely that. Ma Bell's laughably brief press release can be found in its entirety after the break -- all 45 cliffhanging words of it.

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